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What Kind Of Makeup Should You Wear For Your Best Friend’s Wedding?

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You’re going to your best friend’s wedding, but you don’t know what kind of makeup you’re going to do? In light of this summer’s makeup trends, we’ve listed our bridal makeup tips!

Your best friend’s big day has come and you don’t just want to obscure the bride and put together an ambitious makeover worthy of “best friend” status, but you may not know how. Set aside our fresh and ambitious makeup style tips that you can use to go to your best friend’s wedding by combining the most popular styles of summer makeup trends!

Eyeliner & Red Lipstick Duo

When it comes to glamorous makeup, the first thing that comes to mind is eyeliner and red lipstick. At your best friend’s wedding, the two will make you look extremely attractive and assertive. A long curled tail eyeliner will give you a feminine touch because it tilts your eyes. Red lipstick will bring all the attention to your lips and make you look flawless. The Maybelline New York Hyper Precise All Day Eyeliner, which provides a thin tip and ease of application, is all you need for that perfect tailed eyeliner. Our red lipstick tip for making you look great throughout the wedding without drying your lips is, of course, the Maybelline New York Color Sensational 965 Siren in Scarlet!

Editor’s Tip: You need a single palette to get such a radiant and bronze look on your makeup. You can add depth.

Smoky Eye Makeup in Tones of Brown

The shimmering brown tones in the smoky eye makeup are one of this summer’s favorites. With smoky eye make-up that will give your eyes significant depth, when you choose brown tones, you can be sure it will match your outfit in any color and style. The shimmering brown and beige shades of Maybelline New York’s The Nudes beacon palette are ideal for this restyling. The soft structure of the headlights on this palette should not be afraid of your eye. Since the headlights are so easily mixed with each other, it is inevitable that you will wear a smoky make-up worthy of a wedding.

If you want to get a denser and more moist appearance, you can use cream headlights like some of the headlights. For this, you’ll want to try 35 On and On Bronze and 05 Eternal Gold from the maybelline New York Color Tattoo headlights.

Shine With Vibrant Colors

You know, this summer, the eye makeup is inspired by fruit. Eye makeup in bright, bright and colourful tones will make you look glamorous at your best friend’s wedding. Would you like to do a great eye makeup inspired by lemonade in shades of yellow, pink and coral on the new Lemonade Craze palette by Maybelline New York? Especially the coral and yellow tones are very compatible with country weddings.

Eye Makeup in Peach Tones

Let’s go to another fruit that we can be inspired by in our makeup: Peach! One of the colors that have marked this summer is fishing. This eye makeup, which is used in warm tones, looks really dazzling when combined with sparkling golden tones. If you’re going to fly and wear a floral dress to your best friend’s wedding and you haven’t gotten much of a tan yet, you can include peach tones in your eye makeup. Combine the peach tones on Maybelline New York’s Total Temptation lighthouse in dark tones to achieve a wedding worthy restyling. Lighting on the palette is ideal to complete the same makeup tones as the skin!

Smoky Eyes With Black Eyeliner

The eye makeup, which we do with a single eyeliner in our daily, night and wedding makeup, is always flooded with compliments from our friends. This method, which is very practical, allows us to get an excellent eye makeup without much effort. Apply New York Master Drama Khol Liner Ultra Black eyeliner to the bottom of your lashes randomly and distribute it with a pencil headlamp brush. You can repeat it a couple of times until you get the intensity you want. In the last step, pull the same black pen into the eyes and complete the makeup.

Editor’s tip: The choice of mascara is also very important to get a dramatic effect on the smoky black eye makeup. The black mascara The Colossal Big Shot Daring Black by Maybelline New York will give her an intense black effect and give them a huge volume at once.

Harmony Of Burgundy And Gold Tones

The popularity of burgundy tones in eye makeup still wears. If you want to wear a more conspicuous and intense makeup to your best friend’s wedding, you have to give burgundy tones a chance. Especially if you are going to wear a black dress, remember that it will look much more elegant and glamorous if you choose burgundy tones instead of black in your eyes. You can do a smoky eye makeup using a combination of burgundy and gold on the palette of The Burgundy Bar headlights by Maybelline New York. By applying golden tones to the springs of your eyes, you can make your eyes brighter and steaming.

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