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Wedding Send Off Ideas For Any Taste

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You have planned your wedding with all the details and it’s done, right? A little reminder; you forgot the grand exit! This is where you will get the most dynamic and memorable photos. After the ceremony or at the end of the reception is a beautiful tradition to put a fun point at your wedding. But it doesn’t always have to be traditional. You can decorate this unique moment with anything you can think of. We’ve put together many inspiring wedding send off ideas for you. Unique, creative, classic or romantic; as you wish.

Wedding exit can create the most colourful wedding photos. Or you can create the most romantic moment. We have collected many alternatives energic or no messy. And of course, there are also many budget-friendly alternatives. Get and copy the option that will work best with your wedding’s aura. Also, don’t forget to find a skilled person to take these amazing photos. Let’s start!

Wedding Send Off Ideas For Daytime

If your wedding will happen during daytime, you are advantageous because it is very easy to add colour. Your photos will be full of life with flowers, seeds, colourful confetti. Let’s remember the classics first, they work all the time; dry lavender, pom-poms, ribbon wands, cheer poms and rose petals for romantic touches… These can be adapted to almost any wedding decoration. You can find the best for you by changing their colours and styles. For example, golden confetti is a photogenic alternative.

Let’s look at more unique ideas for some more creativity. How about smoke bombs to turn your wedding exit into a festival? It is a great way to get the most colourful exit photos and it will be one of the most fun moments for your guests and for you.

No messy wedding send off ideas seekers, are you here? The umbrellas in the second photo are for you. You can adapt this idea that changes the aura of day weddings to your own taste; for example, coloured umbrellas will also be great.

In the last photo, there is a romantic and cute idea; bubbles. We love these since our childhood! Moreover, it is very photogenic; take advantage of the reflection created by the bubbles with the surrounding colours or just feel the romantic breeze. There are many other ideas very close to these; paper aeroplanes, feathers will be great choices for daytime wedding send off.

Wedding Send Off Ideas For Nighttime

If you are planning a night wedding, what you need is a little more light. And the things that illuminate the night actually reveal the most romantic views. Let’s take a look at the ideas that will illuminate your wedding exit; sparkling balloons first.

Balloons are good alternatives for both day and night weddings. And you can adapt them to different styles. If you dream of a romantic and no messy wedding exit, you can copy the samples in the first and third photos. The LED balloons in the third photo allow you to take fascinating photos.

In the second photo, lighted fibre optic wands are great for lovers of elegant style. This also gives shine to rustic and bohemian decors. If you are looking for more colourful light sources, you can take a look at glowy sticks. These are one of the trends of recent years.

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