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Wedding DIY Decoration Ideas: Easy And Romantic

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Adding something personal to the wedding decoration can make this day more special. It allows decoration to get closer to your dream design. It is also good for this decor budget. But complicated, difficult DIY ideas for a big event like a wedding can make spend more time. Nobody wants more stress when planning a wedding. We have put together a stylish and easy wedding DIY decoration ideas that can be applied easily. So you can save time and budget.

If you’re not a professional, learning complex DIY ideas for a short time will be stressful. But you don’t need factory professionalism for an elegant and romantic decoration. Flower arrangements, candles, painted bottles make your work easier. Namely, create the color palette of your wedding and color it with simple DIY ideas.

DIY Centerpieces For Wedding

The decoration ideas you need may differ depending on the location of your wedding. However, regardless of the occasion, centerpieces change the aura. For the decoration of the tables, choose a runner in the color you want to attract attention. And create the centerpieces to complement this with simple DIY methods.

Silver, gold, rose-gold, or copper… You can paint bottles with reflective colors or colors you need in decoration. It is quite practical to do this. Remove the labels from glass bottles that you are not using. And paint them with spray paint. There is only one trick; there should be a distance of 20-30 cm between the spray and the bottle for a homogeneous appearance. Doing on a Balcony or in a garden also allows you to be protected from possible paint accidents.

Decorating your tables with small flower arrangements makes the atmosphere romantic. You can put your flowers in glass jars. If you want, you can decorate the jars with ribbons or tulles. Another alternative; do this using colored tall glass bottles.

If you like elegant designs or use candles to support lighting, see the third example. You can create a decorative candle holder by turning the wine glass you put a plant or flower inside out. There are many ways to use candles with glasses. Example; add some water into tall glasses and put small candles on it; floating candles. Moreover, it is much safer.

DIY Wedding Backdrops

Backdrops create the base for your photos, which you will look at over and over again. So adding personal touches will make it a more special space. The first design is inspiring because it shows that we can do great things with very little material.

For this type of backdrop, determine the general shape first. You can use reflective metals or wood, determine shapes like round, rectangular. If metal is hard to find, you can paint thin wooden sticks with spray paint and get this effect. Then decorate it with tulles, plants, flowers, or feathers as you wish. You can make almost any backdrops design at home by spending some time.

In the other example, there are circles of different sizes, decorated. This is a versatile and easy idea. Moreover, very specific materials are not required. You can use wire hangers or pulleys. You can paint them in any color and decorate them with flowers or tulle. You can use them on a wall or a tulle/curtain to create a backdrop. You can create swinging objects by hanging them on the ceiling with a thin rope.

Look at last photo, there are many versions of these hanging accessories and it is one of the versatile ideas. Either create decors hanging from the ceiling to your tables or use them when creating a backdrop. You can also add balloons that you paint with spray next to them. To do this, remove the ingredients from a bulb and put your favorite flowers in it. Then wrap the wicker ropes in the bulb and hang them wherever you want. A similar idea can be made with candles. If you like romantic lighting, you can put candles in small glass jars and create hanging accessories.

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