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We Choose The Bridal Makeup According To Your Zodiac Sign!

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Now, how would you like to choose the bridal makeup with us according to your zodiac sign? If you’re getting married in the near future and you’re looking for makeup tips for that big day, maybe you can listen to our tips based on your zodiac sign.

Since each zodiac sign has different characteristics, we think it is wise to differentiate it according to these characteristics in your makeup! Now choose your horoscope below and listen to our special suggestions!

Aries Woman

I wouldn’t be lying if we said that battered women are at the forefront of their charms. They can even be the equivalent of the words “lady” and “nobility”! In this case, female makeup styles that will bring all your beauties to the forefront are for women rams! If you ask us, battered women should always choose red lipstick, pink curly brackets and even fake eyelashes for bridal makeup!

Bull Woman

If there is one thing we know well about taurus women, it is that they immediately draw attention to them in the environments they are entering! There is no one happy with them because all the attention will be on that big night, but with some tips, bullish women can shine like stars on their wedding nights. So what are these suggestions? A bullish woman who always knows what she wants, and if you ask us, she is going to want an elegant makeover, so our suggestions are for an elegant makeup style. Never in moderation, the bull woman who wants to highlight the places she likes, foggy eye makeup and an impeccable skin makeup will look great!

Editor’s tip: When we say steaming makeup, you should definitely try the Urban Decay Smokey palette, one of the first beacon palettes that comes to mind!

Gemini Woman

Always lively, ererjik and cheerful, the twins will definitely want to use a little brighter colors in the bride makeup! Our advice to twin women who are always open to new ideas is to test the bright colors of this season. Peach-colored blush, red-orange tones of eye makeup and liquid opaque lipsticks in nude tones, bridal makeup is for them! Since we are also sure that they are also following bronzers and strobing trends closely, the twins will be among the brides who will never be forgotten by their beauty this summer!

Editor’s Tip: We can’t help but share with you what we found in the Nyx Professionel Professionel Makeup series, which is the biggest choice for liquid matte lipsticks in nude tones. Nude shades that best fit bridal makeup also conquer our hearts with their long permanence.

Cancer Woman

Spontaneous crab women should pursue natural looks in bridal makeup this summer. They can achieve a more natural look with foundations that are adequate but not overweight and can also choose natural shades for eye makeup. Our main advice for women crab with their smiles is to choose a romantic pink lipstick and lip gloss to accentuate their lips.

Leo Woman

Leopard women, so used to having all their eyes on them, take the opportunity to become a star on the big day of their lives. So even years later, when they look at the wedding photos, they’ll want to see how beautiful they are. In this case, our advice to leopard women is a smooth skin makeup, red lipstick and of course, a flawless eyeliner!

The editor’s suggestion: It is not easy to turn a perfect eyeliner, but not without suggesting a product that makes it easier: the Grandi├áse eyeliner by Lanc├áme turns this demanding work into a child’s play with his folding head

Virgin Woman

The porcelain makeup comes first and foremost in our bridal makeup tips for virgo women who are known for their obsessive interest in detail. On that big night, they won’t want to see a single flaw in their skin when they look in the mirror, so before they start the makeup, the colorful camouflage palettes seem to be their best friend! They can choose bronze tones from this season’s trends, as they expect an image that is anything but exaggerated but memorable lye in eye makeup. Since they don’t want to check their lipsticks all night long, our advice to virgo women is for the opaque liquid lipsticks that will win our hearts with their permanence!

The editor’s suggestion: Our suggestion for a mimetic palette for a smooth skin makeover, of course, is our recent favorite, The Maybelline Palette New York Master Camo! You’ll see how well it neutralizes the defects!

Scale Woman

Aesthetically extremely assertive women pound no contours between their makeup preferences in our opinion. Instead, they want to highlight certain parts of the face, so we recommend strobe makeup for bridal makeup! Although a scale to marry this summer has already achieved a great tan, the bride will not say no to a little more in her makeup and will want to bring her beauty to the forefront with the illuminations. Our advice to women scales who need contours is to try the contour trend with bronzer!

Scorpio Woman

As attractive as a magnet, extremely feminine and fascinating… These three features describe exactly the scorpion women. As for the bridal makeup, we think that a scorpion woman will prefer impeccable smoky eye makeup and a surprising lip makeup. Scorpio women who know very well to highlight places that stand out on their face and are beautiful, will also be able to be unforgettable in their wedding nights. Our advice to them is not to neglect the spray fixing makeup to prevent their impeccable makeup from deteriorating throughout the night!

Tip of the editor: Makyaj.com office, the most popular of the sprays for fixing makeup, the All Nighter urban decay spray. It is ideal for special occasions, since it never lets the makeup get ruined!

Sagittarius Woman

We are sure that sagittarius women, known for their confusion and their passion for comfort, are also very confused about bridal makeup! He may conflict with someone else when he likes a complete makeup and decides. That’s why our advice to sagittarian women is to stay away from exaggeration and prefer natural appearances. A foggy appearance with earthy tones in the eyes is a must. They should think of a bright and natural skin makeup because too much makeup will make them uncomfortable. Although we know that they don’t follow makeup trends very much, we still strongly encourage sagittarius women to try their shiny skin makeup, which is one of our favorite trends this summer!

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn women, known for their strong characters, want both perfection and security when it comes to special occasions. Even though the facial features are prominent, we are sure you will pay great attention to the contouring techniques in bridal makeup. Since they do not like endpoints, they do not want to exaggerate their makeup, so we recommend capricorn women who usually prefer natural tones for a steaming eye makeup and matte lip makeup in pink-nude tones.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women who are very creative and deeply attached to their freedom will not need to guide the bridal makeup as in most subjects of life, but if they need a hint, they will be very suitable for the makeup of the smoking eyes. We can say that. They can add a little brilliance to their look by choosing bronze tones from the trends of this summer. Our suggestion to the aquarium woman who will add an unusual detail to her makeup from a different perspective than anyone else is to experiment with chrome duo illuminators as illuminant!

The editor’s suggestion: Duo-chrome illuminators are undoubtedly one of the most original products of this summer. If you want to try it out, Nyx Professional Makeup’s Duo Chromatic illuminators are our favourites with their light reflections!

Pisces Woman

Emotional, romantic and dreamy… These three words are perfect for fish women. We’re sure they’ve dreamed of bridal makeup over and over again, and our suggestions are: foggy looks, pink cheeks, distinctive eyebrows and pink tones that will give them a romantic feel. We’re sure they’ll better reflect the romantic-bohemian atmosphere in them!

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