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Vintage-Inspired Wedding Dress Ideas

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If you like vintage inspirations rather than today’s trends, it is good to go back a bit. The past decades is an inspiring treasure for those looking for dramatic silhouettes and unique designs. You can find the best for you among the bohemian style of the ’70s, dramatic looks of the ’20s or Victorian style wedding dresses.

You can reflect a decade across your wedding and complete this atmosphere with your wedding dress. The vintage-inspired styles you carry today will look timeless and iconic. You can reflect your unique style with different fabrics and trimmings.

Victorian and Boho Wedding Dresses

The Victorian era style contains quite striking and dramatic looks. At that time, this style was uncomfortable for women. But today you can find more comfortable and still inspired wedding dresses from the Victorian era. For those who love the romance of lace, this style offers exactly what they’re looking for. Victorian wedding dresses look magnificent. You can make fluffy, embroidered preferences. You can take advantage of flashy brooches and gloves. The most iconic feature of this style is corsets. A great choice to highlight your waist and make the fluffy wedding dress in proportion.

Another style that lace-lovers will like is boho-style wedding dresses. One of the best options to reflect the 70’s free-spiritedness aura. For the boho-gypsy style of the ’70s, you can use natural fabrics and natural or warm whites. This will look quite artistic. So, if you want to have fun at your wedding freely, check out boho-style wedding dresses.

Wedding Dresses Inspired by ’20s, ’50s, and ’60s

You can create magical and iconic looks by creating the spirit of a decade at your wedding. Also, these timeless styles come out. When searching for dramatic and stylish wedding dresses, be sure to check out the styles of the past 10 years. You will not believe how inspiring and striking they are. So, you can get unique wedding dress ideas for you.

Let’s take a look at the most striking decades that stand out with their styles. You remember the glamorous styles of the 1920s from the movie The Great Gatsby. These dramatic and artistic silhouettes are among the most inspiring options available today. You can also choose a Gatsby-style wedding dress with art-deco geometric patterns, bright details, and bold designs.

50’s… One of the styles that define the ’50s is a tea-length dress. You can choose a full-skirt dress that makes the waist thinner. You can complete the look inspired by the iconic makeup of the ’50s. You can look great with a stunning eyeliner and clear skin makeup.

Finally, let’s talk about the innovative aura of the 60s. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s timeless style, you can create a mod look. Clear looks of these years reveal a distinctive style. It is one of the best styles to get away from the classic choices.

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