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Trend Alert: Sun Flower Nail Art

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Now are times when we will be shower by the sun. We carry the symbols of the summer months on the nails. We can continue the floral nails of spring months with sunflowers. A great idea to carry both summer warmth and floral patterns to your nails. So, we brought together the most remarkable sunflower nail art ideas. A warm list!

Whether you have short, long or acrylic nails, you will find an inspiring idea. Whether you apply the irresistible sunflower patterns yourself or take an SS while going to the nail design salon. Every possibility will be great. There are many colourful, transparent, minimal or maximal options. So, if you want to reflect the fun nature of the 2020 trends, take a look at this list. Let us begin!

Cute Sun Flower Nail Art Ideas

These three ideas are designs that will make short nail lovers happy. Because they don’t need large spaces. First of all, there is a French style with sunflowers. Updated versions of this year’s French manicure open the doors to creativity. And when combined with the transparent nail look, it looks elegant and cool. If this is a style that reflects you, try it.

In the second photo, there is an elegant sunflower drawing for each nail. In fact, if you have a small nail art supplies kit at home, you can do it yourself. You will only need fine polish brushes and nail polishes to reflect sunflower colours. It is worth to try if you are interested in DIY nail art.

In the third example, there is one of the characteristic ideas of 2020; combining many patterns. Here, the polka dot pattern, classic yellow and sunflower come together. This is an energetic and warm design. And again, it’s ideal for trying at home. But if you’re new to nail art, it might be good to get help from a professional.

DIY Sun Flower Nail Arts

If you have a nail art supplies kit, 3 good examples to improve your skills. The first option is also ideal for beginners. You can create a striking design by drawing a large sunflower on matte nail polish. Moreover, this flower drawing is not as complicated as others. But it will still give what is expected.

In the second photo, there is a slightly more professional drawing of flowers. But not paint all nails makes things easier. If this is a difficult option for you, however, take a look at sunflower nail stickers. Thus, it will be as easy as painting nails in a classical way.

In the last photo, there is a nail art that everyone can easily do. Use a fine nail art brush. Create a black circle in the middle and add white drops on it. Then draw yellow lines one by one, this will form the leaves of the sunflower. That’s it, get fun.

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