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Tips For Bridal Makeup For Country Wedding

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Almost every woman’s dream is to say “yes” in the lush country gardens. If you are one of those brides who can make that dream come true, you are lucky!

Wedding trends in 2018 indicate country gardens. Flying wedding dresses, natural wavy hair and, of course, a glittering restyling. At country weddings, you should choose makeup styles that look bright and vibrant, devoid of intense makeup. So you can better reflect the energy of the country wedding in your wedding photos. So, how do you make up for a country wedding? Step by step, we share the secrets of your wedding makeup country. Are you ready to learn your makeup tips for the wedding?

Use Some Makeup

The key to the bridal makeup is that it’s permanent. You should definitely use some makeup for permanent skin makeup.

Some make-up will help her makeup look alive at all times and increase the permanence of her skin makeup. I recommend using some of Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat Blur Primer Makeup when doing bridal makeup. Thanks to its illuminating effect, this base will be the savior of her makeup, making her skin makeup look brighter. You can spread the makeup part all over the face with your fingers.

Funding Proposal For The Country Wedding

As you prepare for your country wedding, you need to prioritize end-of-line natural foundations. Of course, if you can find a foundation with natural and bright endings, I’m happy!

Don’t worry now… We have a great basic tip for you, and you can use the YSL Beauty Touche -clat All-In-One Foundation, which combines the natural look you dream of at country weddings with glitter. With an improved concealer, this foundation makes you look flawless without the appearance of a thick base on your face. You’ve found the foundation you’re looking for now to project all the freshness of your country wedding to your makeup. Next is the basic application.

The most important point of makeup for a country wedding is to shine with a effortless look. For this purpose, we recommend applying the foundation YSL Beauty Touche -clat All-In-One Glow with a wet makeup sponge. First wet the makeup sponge and squeeze the excess water. Then apply the foundation on the face with a sponge with padding movements. For more intense concealer, you can increase the amount of foundation with peace of mind. Thanks to its slim nature, this foundation will never disappoint you.

Bright Look For A Country Wedding

The brighter and brighter you look at it, the more glamorous it will be, especially when you are putting makeup on for your summer wedding. That’s why you may want to be generous with the lighting when doing bridal makeup.

You need the help of the iconic illuminator to look flawless without risking the country’s bridal makeup. You can complete the bright appearance of the illuminator Yves Saint Laurent Touche sclat by applying it to the eyes under the eyes, eyebrow, chin and tip of the nose. We use this illuminator, which creates a luminous effect from the inside, in the makeup of the invitation. Bridal makeup means a lot of lighting. You can support your glittering look by using a highlighter as you prepare for your country wedding. Apply Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Glow Shot to the highest areas of your face and distribute it with your fingers with round movements. Perfectly matched with the luminous foundation, this highlighter will allow you to shine until the early hours of the morning.

Natural Contour Application

At the country wedding, it is highly recommended to make a contour to highlight facial features. When thinking about outlines, do not necessarily think about the intense outlines. There is also a natural contour style suitable for a country wedding.

For the application natural contour, you first need a palette of contours under cold tone, which allows you to apply natural contours suitable for a country wedding thanks to Yves Saint Laurent Saint Laurent Couture contouring Palette. You can complete the contusion by applying this thin structure and softness of velvet to the parts of the face that you want to reveal, ie under the cheekbones, jaw and nasal bone.

Metallic Eye Makeup

How would you like to be inspired by the trends of 2018 makeup in eye makeup? You can do metallic bronze eye makeup to get that natural and spacious look you want at your country wedding.

For make-up with bronze eyes, first apply the liquid eye shadow Yves Saint Laurent Full Metal Shadow N’04 Liquid Eyeshadow on the eyelid, a bronze tone with metallic reflections from the warm tone. This step will also help to color the eyelid, as well as create a great basis for eye makeup in bronze. If you want for the liquid beacon, you can apply it to the eyelid with your fingers or with a beacon brush. The Yves Saint Laurent Full Metal Shadow N’03 Liquid Eye Shadow, a darker grey colour, should also be applied to the outer corner of the eyes and to a small folding line, giving it a natural look with a headlamp mixing brush. Mixing two headlights evenly when you are doing eye makeup will give you the most natural result. If you want your eyes to look more shady, you can apply the liquid bronze beacon to the entire folding line.

All you need to bring out the eye makeup is voluminous eyelashes. You should use Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Lo Shock for voluminous lashes. Create a ‘shock’ effect by first applying the lashes, then double mascara.

Is the liquid opaque lipstick ready?

One of the most romantic and natural steps of the country bridal makeup must be lips. You can complete the bright and radiant makeup by wearing a bare pink lipstick from the bottom on the lips.

You should not be fooled by the liquid matte lipstick to ensure the permanence of your bridal makeup. If you’re looking for a permanent lipstick as a tattoo on your lips and as light as a bird, we have a great tip for you: YSL Beauty Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lipsticks! Eat as much as you want during the wedding, have fun, hug your friends or cry… An unknown problem has occurred. We highly recommend 11 illy roses shades to match your natural-looking makeup. This nude pink color will allow you to capture a natural ity that suits a country wedding on a plane.

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