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The Right Clay Mask For Your Skin Type

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Clay mask, one of the oldest skincare applications, is still up to date today. Clay masks are one of the products that purify the skin and make a detox effect. These products, which are loved by oily skin, are suitable for all skin types when chosen correctly. But you should choose the type and frequency of use of clay mask based on your skin type. So you can use clay without damaging your skin barrier.

If you like natural skincare products, clay is one of the most successful masks. This contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium. It cleanses the skin pores from oils and provides the skin to be elastic. We have prepared a simple guide to get the most out of the miraculous clay mask obtained from the soil.

Clay Mask For Dry Skin

The best clay mask for dry and sensitive skin is kaolin clay. This can be pink, yellow, red or white, unlike classic clay. Its color varies according to the minerals it contains. White kaolin is the most sensitive type. It soothes and heals while cleansing sensitive and dry skin. The pH value is neutral, so it doesn’t absorb too much oil. Still, it removes dead cells on the skin.

If your skin is not too sensitive, yellow kaolin may be a better option. This absorbs more oil than white kaolin. It also speeds up blood circulation. You may have acne problems even though you have dry skin. One of the best options for reducing acne is bentonite clay. But if you have dry skin, you should use it infrequently.

Clay Mask For Combination Skin

The most important for combination skins is to provide oil balance. You may also sometimes experience acne problems. For this, you can use a bentonite clay mask. Unlike other types of clay, it speeds up wound healing. It also attracts sebum and toxins on the skin like a magnet.

If you are looking for a lighter clay mask, you can use a red kaolin clay mask. This is the most absorbent type among kaolin clays. Whether it is bentonite or red kaolin, you should apply both once a week. When you use it more often, your skin’s sebum balance may be affected. Also, after cleaning the clay mask, you should definitely apply a moisturizing cream.

Clay Mask For Oily Skin

It is best to use absorbent clay masks to control the sebum on oily skin. You might like the French green clay mask. It is also known as Illite clay or sea clay. This clay mask is a strong oil absorber and pore minimizer. It improves your skin’s blood circulation. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should stay away.

Like combination skin, oily skin also likes bentonite and red kaolin clays. In addition, if you have skin blemishes, one of the best options is Fuller’s earth clay. It helps to regulate the color tone of your skin. However, if you prefer this, you should definitely use sunscreen.

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