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Stunning Balayage Hair Ideas For Every Haircolour

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There are many ways to highlight the hair colour; ombré, sombré, babylights and balayage. There are no sharp boundaries between these methods. But of course, small differences also matter. Balayage adds a soft flowing colour toward the ends of the hair. And basically imitates the reflection and change the sun gives to the hair. So it’s a great choice for summer. These reflections do not only mean shades of blonde. Different reflection-highlight colours can be added to each hair colour. It’s all about how you like to wear colours.

Ways to highlight the hair and the texture of the hair are always in demand. Remember, the past years were the golden age of ombré. But it’s not much in style these days. The trend of summer 2020 is balayage hairs. Isn’t it great to feel the sun touching the hair? Let’s take a look at inspiring balayage examples!

Balayage Hairs From Cool To Warm

We chose smooth balayage hair with cold reflections in the first photo to explain how this method looks on straight hair. Of course, this is not the only look, balayage is an application that can be customized. But it is still important to see colours that change softly towards the ends of the hair. If you like cool colours, you can choose such a colour instead of completely grey.

So, what do you think about the grey-black combination in the second photo? This is an easy-to-use example because dark roots save you time to renew the dye while your hair is growing. It also adds the dynamism of dark colours to your face. This is a really advantageous option and looks incredibly cool. If you like voluminous hair, these highlights will make things easier.

In the third photo, we wanted to give an example of bronde balayage hairs. This is one of the most popular balayage colour combinations. It looks energetic, warm and impressive. One point we need to talk about is the blonde, small tufts of hair framing the face. While applying the balayage, your hair designer has the chance to colour the desired tufts of hair. This is a great advantage and in this example, we see that the hair tufts framing the face are dyed in bold blonde.

Smooth Balayage Hair Ideas

Doesn’t dirty hair colours appeal to you? Or blonde-grey shades do not make you happy. You can make dark hair look really sun-affected with red or warm highlights. This not only maintains the healthy glow of dark hair colours to your skin but also makes your hair look like it is always shining with the sun.

First, let’s talk about the example that best integrates with dark hair. You don’t have to turn too sharp colour changes to make your hair more energetic. You can add matte colour highlights over natural or your favourite dark colour.

The second photo is the version of this enriched with rose reflections. Rose reflections that focus on the hair ends give healthy and fascinating effects. An example describing the healthy hair.

In the last photo, there is an example of gold-caramel balayage. Caramel hair always has a unique warmth and adds shine to your face. Combining this with dark roots adds a cool breeze. Definitely worth trying.

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