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Simple Tips For Voluminous Hair

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Trends of 2020 highlight voluminous hair. You can obtain voluminous hair even if you don’t have thick hair. Hair styling tips and layered haircuts will help you. You can get cooler and voluminous hair with simple methods that you can easily apply at home. If you already have voluminous hair, you are lucky, styling with small touches will be enough. Here are a few tips for getting more voluminous hair without sacrificing natural looks:

More Voluminous Hair With A Hair Iron

This is a method that makes even sparse and thin hair much more voluminous. All you need is a hair styling tool. You can use straighteners-flat irons or curling irons. First, after washing your hair, dry 50-70% of your hair. Then you can apply a conditioner to protect it from heat.

Separate your hair into small tufts starting from your ears. And apply the styler only to the bottom of the hair, shaping it upwards. After 4-5 seconds, fix the hair tuft with a clip and apply the same to the other tufts. After all your hair has cooled, remove the clips. Then style and fix your hair with your hands or with a comb. So you can get permanent and super-voluminous hair all day. You can get ponytail or cool wavy style with the hairs you give volume.

Finally, you can also use curlers, one of the most classic hair styling methods. You can wear your curlers before you go to sleep and style your hair in the morning.

Haircare Tips

The reason your hair looks faint may be the wrong hair care routine. You can choose shampoos that give volume to your hair. Or, you can use dandruff shampoo instead. You can also massage your scalp while showering. Thus, you accelerate the blood circulation and get more voluminous hair. One of the most important points is the conditioner. Do not apply them to the scalp. Otherwise, you will get oily hair faster and your hair will look weak.

Another issue is the right hair drying methods. Do not dry your entire hair with a hairdryer. It is enough to dry 50% with a hairdryer. So you can naturally get voluminous hair.

The Right Haircut For Voluminous Hair

Layers that are suitable for your hair make the hair look more voluminous. However, the wrong layers can cause the opposite effect. So make sure you find the right hair designer. And take advantage of layers suitable for your hair type.

If you like clear looks, you can just add light layers to the ends of the hair. So your hair will look much more voluminous. When using this type of haircut, you can benefit from products such as hair mousse, dry shampoo more effectively.

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