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Nail Art Ideas You Will Want To Try

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As summer is approaching, nail trends are also getting more vibrant. This year’s nail art trends include crazy patterns, bold colors, and fun. Like makeup, there are geometric shapes in nail designs. If you need a few ideas to try new things, check out this list. It’s the right time to raising your mood and try different designs!

Fluid Nail Design

Inspired by French manicure, this nail art can be combined with many different colors. For example, you can use red nail polish over the natural color of your nail. This creates a creative and classic look. Or Instead, you can choose more fun colors. It is quite innovative with every version!

Pastel Combination

Mixing the colors you love is among the rising trends of this year. You can apply this by mixing contrasting colors or using different shades of the same color. Choosing different colors for each nail reflects the energetic spirit of summer. It’s also an easy option for raising your mood. You don’t need to be a nail art master to apply this.

Different Ways Of French Manicure

The French manicure updated itself and made an energetic return. It has become impressive and modern with colorful or geometric touches. It is now very easy to find a French design for every taste. Whether you prefer a minimal, colorful or geometric design. Every result will be amazing.

Bold Patterns

Designs inspired by the 90s affect both makeup and clothing trends. The same goes for nail art. Decorating your nails with crazy patterns will energize you. You can make these bold nail designs unique with creative touches.

Logomania Trend

The trend of logomania, which has influenced clothes last year, has turned back for your nails this time. You can use the classic patterns and logos of your favorite brands in your nail designs. Also, It is possible to combine different logos. It is a fun idea to decorate your nails with the logo of your favorite brand.

Mixed Patterned Nails

Just like choosing different colors for each nail, you can use different patterns together. This summer, bold patterns dominate the nails. You can mix geometric and animal patterns. This cool look will strengthen your style and reveal your creative side.

Transparent Designs

Artificial nails provide a larger area to apply different nail art designs. You can combine transparent nails with abstract designs. In this way, you will get impressive looks. If you still haven’t tried it, check out the transparent nail art ideas. You will love it.

Inspiring Shades

Patterns that you will create with different shades of the same color reveal reflections that look like diamonds. You can create cool and unique looks with this design similar to ombre. Moreover, it is possible to adapt it for every taste.

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