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Nail Art Ideas For Acrylic And Gel Nails

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The most advantageous thing for nail art is long nails. This gives you much more space and you get a good canvas. Fake nails add a strong layer over your nail, no matter what method it is done. So you get stronger and longer nails. And the permanence of nail polish increases similarly.

DIY nail art ideas are no longer enough for most of us. And good news, nail art salons are slowly opening in many places. We really missed them. Here are nail design and art ideas that will inspire you before making an appointment to a nail salon. We have put together wonderful designs for both acrylic and gel nail. You will also find a few tips to catch trends this summer. Let’s start!

Stunning Nail Art Ideas For Summer

Impressive nail art ideas dominate the trends of this year. Full of dynamism, full of energy. This is exactly what we need. Many of us are trapped in lazy days and we need to get out of the pyjama mod. Here are 3 nail art ideas that will increase your motivation and enable you to start summer energetically.

Acrylic nails are sturdy and long-lasting. This also means wearing gorgeous designs longer. First, let’s talk about watercolor nail art. This is really impressive. Do you remember the elegant marble prints of the past year? We saw them everywhere, from nails to decoration. Now, watercolor painting can replace it. The first photo is a great example of this. And in fact, this year’s popular colours highlight purple and lilac also.

The favourite nail art idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthose who have coffin nails is the french with flames for this year in the second photo. There are countless versions of this. A great choice to burn with the hot air of summer. You can also have a colourful and energetic flame nail plus by painting each nail in a different colour.

In the last photo, you can see many trends together. It’s actually a design inspired by Korean nail locks. Glitter, shiny stickers, jelly nails and lilac; all in one. It doesn’t look extravagant even if it combines many different styles.

Inspirational Nail Arts For Fake Nails

These 3 ideas are for those who do not prefer extra long nails. These Japanese-inspired ideas are truly impressive and striking. Check out the stunning nail art idea in the first photo. This is a design that added 3D drawings on jelly nail art. And it is absolutely inspiring. Like an advanced version of jelly nail art.

The art, similar to the cage in the second photo, is applied on jelly nails. And it’s a great idea for those looking for a change. Already, there is no need to wait to try the transparent nail looks of this year. In the third photo, there is a translucent and matte fake nail. This is a cool option for those who do not like bold patterns.

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