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Makeup Tips For Summer Brides: How To Do Porcelain Makeup?

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It’s the wedding season and we’ve put together our porcelain makeup tips for summer brides!

Bridal makeup, especially summer bride makeup, want an extra stay. We are despite all our suggestions for the make-up of a bride who will not flow, shine and lose nothing from his stay because of the effects of hot air and moisture! Here are our porcelain makeup tips for summer brides!

Increase Persistence With Some Of The Makeup

As a summer bride, you’ll need a set of make-up that will give you the feeling of freshness you’re looking for in your makeup, moisturize your skin and increase the permanence of the foundation. Some of the liquid makeup from L’Oréal Paris Magic Essence Drops will prevent the oxidation of the foundation and successfully perform all these tasks. The color blue is as magical as a real name for this trick!

Basic Recommendation For Porcelain Skin Makeup

A smooth look, a matte finish and a natural effect on the summer bride’s makeup are what we are looking for. You can make your skin porcelain-like with a dust-free, matte foundation that doesn’t create weight on your face. We can hear him say, “Which bottom?” Reply A L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Matte fondàten.

This foundation, which is one of our favorite foundations with its excellent occultation, glow control and matt finish, is ideal for use especially in special occasions and bridal make-up. If you don’t want to worry about checking your makeup all night long and want it to stay intact, you can choose.

Completely Conceal Skin Imperfections

When you say porcelain makeup, you can think of a smooth skin look hidden in all the imperfections of the skin. That’s why choosing the corrector after founding as a summer bride is so important. If you’re looking for a concealer with a high concealer to completely hide bruises under your eyes, acne scars and blemishes, we have a great tip for you: Infaillible concealer More Than Concealer by L’Oréal Paris, even the blemishes of the skin with which you’re most troubled. it has the effect of hiding it at a time.

Offering super-high concealment for 24 hours, the More Than Concealer concealer does not create any weight on the skin, it does not fill the lines. With the large sponge applicator, this concealer is very easy to apply, not just under the eyes, but all over the face.

Use A Bronzer With Warm Tones

Being a summer bride means wearing a bronze restyling. To do this, you can use a bronzer with warm tones and slight sparks. L’Oréal Paris’ Bronze! Bronzer is a bronzer that can be used for both face and body and contains golden reflections. You can also support this warm bronze effect on your décolleage and shoulders after using it on your cheekbones, forehead and chin line.

A Mascara That Doesn’t Flow

In summer, if you get married in a hot climate, you have to be ready for anything. The emotional moments of weddings aside, you need a waterproof mascara that can withstand heat and moisture. It will last all night without getting involved.

This mascara, which is easily released only by hot water, will further strengthen your faith in waterproof mascara, you can be sure!

Bright And Permanent Lip Makeup

For summer brides, brilliant lip makeup is a rising trend lately. Especially shiny lipsticks with nude tones make a really good impression. And when you say shiny lipstick, it’s always refreshing, and the sticky feeling comes to mind, but this time we have a different suggestion for you! L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Shine lipsticks are the ideal choice for bridal makeup, leaving no sticky sensations on the lips, giving a very natural glow and not losing the effect until the lip glosses. 112 Only in Paris with warm nude tone will be perfect for bridal makeup!

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