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Inspiring Rustic Wedding Ideas For Summer

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The rustic theme for wedding has an aura that combines natural textures and comfy feelings. This has increased its popularity in recent years, but in fact, the history of this theme is much longer. And this is one of the styles that emphasize natural textures. But even though it has organic touches, it is quite different from the bohemian style. The rustic style works well with venues that have rural vibes like a farm and garden. Accordingly, rustic wedding ideas often combine wooden details, seasonal plants and organic materials. So, it offers a good opportunity to combine different materials.

Rustic decor generally has touches of nature. But it is not only unique to rural areas. By adding just a few details, you can enrich a hotel ballroom with rustic vibes. Moreover, this style is open to many DIY ideas. So it allows you to use your creativity. Yes, let’s get started and take a look at this year’s rustic wedding ideas!

DIY Touches For Rustic Wedding

The first thing we will talk about is a DIY wedding gift idea. In the first photo, there are so cute wood candle holders for your guests. These are easy to do; Carve the middle of finely cut tree branches, place and paste tealight candles. Next, you can decorate with ropes and various plants. If you think this is a time-consuming thing, you can buy many cheap alternatives. Moreover, these candle holders are a good idea not only for gift but also for your table decoration. The easiest way to take a rustic vibe is to add natural wooden details.

In rustic wedding decoration, wildflowers are the most basic thing. In fact, this may be the most enjoyable step of the wedding decoration. Also, it creates practical, inexpensive and eye-catching alternatives for your table decoration. In the second photo, there is both a practical and fresh idea. Fill the glass jars with lemon slices and water and add your favourite wildflowers. That’s it! You can give the romantic aura to your wedding even with only these.

In the third photo, there is one of the easiest DIY centrepieces ideas. What you need to do this; glass bowls, colourful wildflowers, other plants and some water. Fill glass bowls halfway with water. Put flowers and plants on it and let them float on the water. You can also add one tealight candle if you want. So you can warm the ambience and increase the lighting.

Rustic Wedding Ideas That Elevate The Ambience

If you are planning a rustic wedding, you want to feel comfortable but still want to buy charming vibes. Here are some inspirational ideas for you. In the first photo, there is a simple lighting, an appetizing table and a natural venue. Summary of rustic style! Also, we would also like to emphasize once again the importance of lighting for weddings.

In the second photo, you see the idea of ​​a backdrop that meets nature. If you have trees at your wedding venue, make sure you take advantage of them. It is very easy to turn a tree into a charming backdrop. For this, you need only light fabric (like tulle), flowers and a few decorative objects, and that’s all.

In the third photo, there are games for weddings that promise fun. Jenga is the simplest way to guarantee a fun time for your guests. Moreover, it easily integrates with the rustic theme. Definitely worth trying!

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