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How To Remove Makeup Gently For Healthy Skin?

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We must first say our goals about makeup removal, and yes, we have a lot of expectations. Do you feel that you are not getting rid of enough when you try to remove your makeup with gentle products? On the other hand, there are purification sensations caused by hard cleaners and it brings together damages to your skin in the long term. Throw them both out! We know a few tips that are both purifying and protecting your skin.

Let’s agree on a subject; If we do not want to have wrinkles and skin problems in the long term, we should be gentle on our skin. The key to healthy skin is to be gentle. And makeup products are not things that leave your skin easily. We should also remove their invisible residue. Here we have put together the key makeup removal tips, where you can get all this, let’s get started!

Removing Makeup Step By Step

A fact: makeup does not remove off in one step. So, Korean skincare has given us a great method; dual-stage skin cleansing. The logic of this is:

Some ingredients dissolve in oil, some ingredients dissolve in the water. The makeup products contain these two types of ingredients. In addition, an oil-based cleanser cleans without harming your skin.

Step 1: Oil-based cleanser. Those with oily or acne-prone skin can worry about these products, but keep calm. There are countless oil-based products that do not contain comedogenic ingredients, not every oil causes acne. On the contrary, there are oils that heal acne. In addition, these products do not actually make your skin more oily. Just find a good alternative, this is a good step for every skin. If you are afraid about this, you can try micellar waters.

Step 2: Water-based cleaner. After your oil-based product, wash your skin with these products. In fact, most products on sale are water-based, these are classic cleaners. But when choosing a water-based product for healthier skin, you can pay attention to:

  • The PH of the product should be compatible with the PH of the skin. Because the best way to protect your skin is protecting the skin barrier. And this actually provides protection from blemishes, skin problems and wrinkles.
  • Reduce abrasive sulfates. Sulfate is actually present in all foaming cleaning materials. But the sulfate you apply on your skin should be gentle. This means that it will not only harm but also purify it well.

Two-stage cleaning guarantees both purification and healthy skin. In addition, you do not need to use separate products for the eyes and face, you can easily remove waterproof products. This method will also make it easier to fight wrinkles.

Avoid These While Removing Your Makeup

When removing makeup, we make mistakes for two main reasons; practicality and deep cleaning. Let’s talk about them in order. We all experience time shortage and we don’t want to think about skincare when we are tired. And the easiest alternatives are; make-up removal wipes, pieces of cotton dipped in a cleanser and so on. But this is not good for our skin. Because wipes do not remove makeup thoroughly. At the end of this, the residues will harm your skin.

The other thing is that what we do to thoroughly purify our skin. There are many ways to do this. You may like to massage your face with things like towels, pads, pieces of cotton. But, their surfaces are textured and scratch your skin at a micro-level. If you still want to use they, do not do massage movements using them. Just make small push movements to your face. Rubbing your skin with these things will cause you problems in the long run; towels, pads, pieces of cotton and washcloths; stay away from these and be gentle.

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