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Home Decoration How To Decorate A Fireplace? Cosy Vibes And More

How To Decorate A Fireplace? Cosy Vibes And More

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Fireplaces are the centre of your home and the focus of decoration. If you have one of them, you have the opportunity to warm up your decoration and make artistic touches, this is great! In cool seasons, you have something to rest both your soul and body. Also, you can turn a non-working fireplace into the favourite piece of your decoration. So whether it works or not, a fireplace decoration will add plus points to your home.

Well, how about decorating the fireplace as a weekend activity? There are many practical and stylish ideas for this. Moreover, the change you create will make you happy for a long time. Keep reading for eye-catching mantel ideas, alternative uses of hearth and decorating tips that give cosy vibes.

Eye-catching Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Every piece of a fireplace is perfect for decorating. Just choose how you expect a result and make a plan. Now, through these three examples, we will give you a few tips to help you plan. Such designs are best if the area you highlight in your home will be a fireplace.

Let’s start with the idea in the first photo. Do you feel the coastal breeze? The main thing that creates this is the colour palette. So, when decorating any large or small area, the key point is the colour palette.

On the other hand, small decorative touches are also worth talking about. The most striking thing on the mantel shelf is the wooden church window frame. This ancient detail is a good choice to warm up the aura and make your decoration unique. The wooden crate with the same tone as the mantel shelf is inspiring to decorate the niche. Also, if your fireplace is filled with sunlight, this area can be a showroom for your houseplants. And, candlesticks are the most cult objects for fireplace decoration.

The example in the second photo proves that using the tiles in different parts of the house looks great. If you are planning to makeover your fireplace, take a look at such ideas. Here the hearth contains crackling logs. Big candles without holder are ideal for feeling the warmth.

You know the idea in the third photo, using niche as a library is one of the trending ideas of recent years. If you are looking for a simple but effective decor idea, definitely try this. You only need a few wall decors, stylish objects on the shelf, and books.

Simple Fireplace Decor Ideas

We cannot deny the power of simple styles. They always have a big impact. Let’s look at the first photo. The fireplace here has a brick wall. If you have red bricks and want changes, try painting them. The most preferred colour for brick wall fireplace makeover is white. This is the simplest way to get airy rooms.

Another issue that we should talk about is; decor objects. You can use wooden kitchen tools to decorate your fireplace. On the other hand, long candlesticks, book detail and a small plant give great results for such designs.

If you want to hang a TV on the fireplace wall, look at the second photo. And, another remarkable detail here is the vintage fireplace screen. This showy peacock-shaped screen is the key point to boost the decoration. You can check out the new screen designs to further modernize this.

In the last photo, there is an idea that those who want to feel comfy in their home will love. You can get a stylish decoration with only two pouffe, mirror and several plants. You know; mirrors are one of the best decors to create spaciousness illusion.

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