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How Do You Decorate A Bohemian Bedroom?

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Bohemian style has exotic effects and is open to ideas from different parts of the world. Natural materials, colourful-lively designs, eclectic preferences characterize this style. Bohemian style is an effortless and comfortable style. It does not promise perfection or pure minimalism. This impressive style is a great choice for your bedroom. If you want your room to turn into a complete meditation space, bohemian bedroom decoration is what you are looking for. So a few tips:

  • When creating a bohemian bedroom, you will use many patterns and textures together. This is an awesome experience that makes you feel free.
  • Turn to natural materials to create an inviting and warm environment.
  • It will be correct to stay away from isolated or neon colours. In contrast, mixing warm and cool colours creates great results.
  • Take a look at ethnic and bohemian patterns when planning your decoration. You can choose many of them together. Do not try to match everything, bohemian style does not like perfection.

Here is a small roadmap to decorate modern, minimalist or fully bohemian bedrooms:

Totally Bohemian Bedroom

No bohemian design is alike to others, making your decoration unique and completely personal. A bohemian bedroom is great for using many things together. But this does not mean a complete turmoil. Here is a little guide to broaden your perspective:

  • Create a colour palette. This is one of the first steps for every decoration plan. But you can have more colours in your colour palette for bohemian style. A palette of 10-12 colours reflects what kind of aura you want. But if you favour minimalism, you can use less colours. You can also combine warm and cool colours.
  • Be open to extraordinary accessories. Tapestry in the first photo, wood carving decor and Moroccan lamps in the second photo, panel and DIY wall decor in the last photo are inspiring things. Apart from these, you can use wicker baskets, knitted puffs, macrome wall hangings. These add texture to your room.
  • Do not give up natural fabrics. Bed linen and curtains made of linen and cotton are ideal. And you can choose different styles of embroidery and embroidery.
  • Take advantage of houseplants. This gives your room a natural aura. You can browse different designs and materials for planters.
  • You can get inspiration from different geographies for carpets and throw pillows. This also applies to tapestries. Moroccan, Turkish, Persian carpets are unique. Moroccan pillows, rugs or lighting allow you to make a unique decoration.

Bohemian Touches For Bedroom Decoration

A completely bohemian design may seem complicated. But still adding a bohemian touch to your bedroom is great. If you like looks blended with different styles, this trio is for you. The bohemian style that you blend with minimal, modern or retro styles looks great.

In the first photo, there is a bohemian minimalist bedroom. The main colour is cool white. And the colour palette is not wide. But you still feel the bohemian breeze. Because wicker details, patterned and colourful bedspreads, pillows and houseplants warm the atmosphere. This decoration is simple and inspiring.

The bohemian modern bedroom in the second photo is a design that you can easily create. The main neutral colour of recent years combines grey with beige, white, and natural textures. The bedspreads and ethnic patterned pillows give the bohemian effect. And again there is a Moroccan lamp and wooden items. You can be inspired by this example created with accessories only.

In the last photo, we see that the bohemian and retro style are combined. But the other remarkable thing is the large area of ​​houseplants and the coral colour choice on the wall. This is a really inviting design.

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