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First Anniversary Gift Ideas For Them, Her or Him

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It’s amazing! You have been living with the person of your dreams for a year now. Now it’s time to find the most special ways to celebrate it! Anniversary gift lists offer you specific themes and make this day much more meaningful.

The traditional first anniversary gift theme is paper, but it takes some creativity to make it precious. It also symbolizes that your marriage has not yet been tested by time, and a clean sheet in this new life. So you should make this paper precious to build a solid base. This is a meaningful theme and has a long history. The modern first anniversary gift theme is the clock; You will change over time, and it is up to you to make this change good.

We have a few tips to make these themes unique to you. So you can find a gift that makes you feel absolutely special. But are you looking for something different from these themes? Don’t worry, there are inspiring ideas for also you here. Let’s start!

Paper: Yours Unforgatble Song

Let’s start the traditional way! Do you have a common song with your spouse? Or your first dance song at your wedding? It would be great to always remember this. Well, for this there are some decorative ideas. In your first year, you probably could not complete the decoration of your home, yet. You are still updating it with your specific touches. Here are special designs for your wall decoration!

Put the lyrics of that special song into print, combine it with a beautiful design and it’s ready. You can try different styles according to the general decoration of your home. You can find many alternatives that will make the design in your mind. In the second photo, there are notes, not lyrics. You can match the music sheet of that particular song to such designs.

Black matt frame, wicker base, and music sheet; simple and impressive. This is a decor that works well with the decoration of many houses. Moreover, it can be used in any room or area. Touches like this make your home feel really belongs to you. In addition, the little things that symbolize your love are the source of great happiness.

Modern First Anniversary Gift: Clocks

The modern first anniversary gift theme is clock. This reminds you of the importance of time and what it brings. A stylish and convenient watch will make him/her wear the memory all the time. This is a classic but effective idea. Or consider getting a great wall clock to your home. Beautifying your home will make you feel good.

Pamper Her/Him/Them

We all put special meanings on jewelry, and some of them have truly spiritual value; it gives us strength. In fact, what gives us strength is not jewelry, but knowing that the person who gave it loves us. The first year of marriage is a great time to give such meaningful and memorable jewelry. He/she/they will wear this for many years. When choosing jewelry, you can pay attention to:

  • Focus on his/her/them tastes, not your tastes.
  • Look for a timeless design; because we want him/her/them to love it for many years.
  • Browse long-lasting options.

A Classic: Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner is probably something you’ve already started planning. If you are planning an evening at home, reveal the gourmet within you. If it’s a wine evening, you can focus on planning your menu based on the type of wine. Or if you are a cocktail-loving couple, take a look at the recipes. You will find many delicious and practical recipes. If you’re planning an event outside, you can focus on what you’re wondering. Discovering new flavors will be a fun option for the first anniversary.

Subscription or Personalized Romanticism

Keep focusing on papers! Consider what makes a piece of paper meaningful. The subscription of a magazine he/she/they like is absolutely lovely. But if you are looking for something a little more personalized, your own effort is also needed. Here are a few inspirational ideas for this:

If we are talking about someone who loves books:

  • You can combine poems, stories or cartoon stories that you think he/she/they will love. You can print them as a book, or you can produce DIY ideas by pasting them into the pages of a note book.
  • You can enrich the things that will express your love (poem, letter, or anything you write …) by handwriting or impressive print. Roll these sheets and tie them with string ropes, then put them in a beautiful box or jar. Here is the most romantic DIY anniversary gift.

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