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Easy DIY Wall Decoration Ideas

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In the general decoration of your home, the walls have the effect that can change the entire aura. No need for over-budgeted things for wall decor. Some creativity and some time are enough. Moreover, your unique and personal decoration will always be more impressive. DIY wall decoration makes you feel like you really belong to your home.

Do you find DIY decor ideas too complicated? Or are you worry that you will get bad results? This list proves to you that this does not require a high skill. We’ve put together the best ways to get stylish results with simple ideas. You don’t even have to look at the explanations to understand how some ideas are made. Similarly, you don’t need a large DIY supplies box. There are materials you can easily find and decor ideas that you can make in a practical way. So let’s start!

Just Combine Them

The most important thing in all decoration plans is to create a colour palette. The result feels fresh, pure or warm (whatever you want it to be) is also largely related to colours. The wall decor is a great space to complement your colour palette. Using crazy colours in large items can be a bold decision. But you can think of the walls like a canvas. In these three examples, there are arrangement-collage ideas that turn your walls into a painting.

In the first photo, there is a simple but impressive stick-work. What you will do is paint the sticks and glue them together. You can use a simple glue gun with silicone or glue. The main thing is to create a colour palette that enhances the overall look of your room. You can try combining pastel colours for the easy way. If you have a monochrome room, this idea will add colour and dynamism.

The dishes in the second photo looks like a large painting. Turning dishes of different sizes and patterns into a collage for wall decor is a classic but effective way. You can also use dishes without patterns or different shapes for a little difference.

The decoration idea in the last example is a super easy idea. Using wooden kitchen materials on the wall is ideal for those who love rustic touches. You can also add cutting boards to it. If you used a dark colour on a single wall, it would be great to decorate it with rustic ideas.

Stylish DIY Wall Decorations

It is hard to understand that these are DIY. The idea in the first photo is one of the quick and practical ideas. All you need is wooden sieves and natural ropes. You can use a simple knit or straw rope. All you have to do is wrap and glue the ropes till halfway through the sieve. Make sure that the colours you choose to create a good colour palette for the overall decoration. And get great wall decor.

DIY mirror ideas in the second option look amazing. These are the ideas you can do by glueing the bamboo sticks to the edges of the mirror. But you can use sticks from other materials. And you can paint them in any colour you want with spray paint.

The mirror in the last example is a design you can make using wooden beads of different sizes. Frame your mirror with two rows of small beads and one row of large beads. A simple glue will do this. Then make the hanger and accessory with beads and soft wool rope. That’s it.

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