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DIY Nail Care Tips Everyone Should Know

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There are effective methods to start summer with healthy nails that look better. We want our natural nails to be strong and smooth and to grow fast. But sometimes problems can arise; colour change, spots, splitting or horizontal grooves. It can also be difficult to lengthen weak nails. Here are some minor steps you can take to avoid all this.

First of all, we have to say that your nails may not be as strong as your friend’s. If you are doing everything right, this may be due to your genetics. But still, you can take steps to make them healthier. This helps to get best your nails.

Healthy nails have a pinkish-white colour. Thet have a light-coloured area in the form of a half-moon at the nail base. In addition, the nails are not peeling and splitting. And the skin surrounding the nail look healthy. Here are a few tips that you can easily apply at home to have such nails:

Avoid From These For Healthy Nails

When your nails are frequently exposed to water, hard cleanser for a long time, they become weak and tend to split and peel. In addition, your hands have to be mostly dry and clean to prevent infections. To do this, reduce long-term touch with water and hard chemicals. The best method is to wear gloves when cleaning, washing things.

Drying your hands does not mean that they are moistureless. So moisturize your hands and nails for healthy nails. If the creams are not enough, you can use natural oils. The other subject; Avoid nail polish remover containing acetone. This is important because the acetone will make your nails weaker. Check out the more gentle remover options instead. In addition, remember the three most basic issue:

  • Do not bite your nails
  • Don’t pick cuticles; these are necessary to protect your nails.
  • Don’t pull off hangnails

Apart from these, if you have nail polish on your nails every day, you can try to reduce it a bit. If something is wrong with or around your nails, contact a dermatologist.

Tips For Best Nail Care

There are many ways to take good care of your nails. But it’s not all about externally cared for. First of all, eating healthy is the basis of everything. Because vitamin, mineral deficiencies in your body affect your hair, nails and skin badly. And any care does not solve such a problem. Also, many nail problems tell you that something is missing in your body.

If our topic is internal care, we should also talk about biotin. Biotin is important for the health of nails and hair. You can turn to foods like walnuts, hazelnuts, bananas, mushrooms, egg yolks to get this from nutrients. But if you are looking for a more effective solution, you can use biotin supplements.

Apart from this, there are some nail-friendly care applications. Natural oils, for example, are great for healthy nails. You can try the following oils:

  • Jojoba oil
  • coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Castor oil

You can also use these oils while doing a manicure. But instead of cutting the cuticles, it is healthier to soften and push them.

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