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Decoration Ideas For Small Kitchen

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Small kitchens commonly cause storage space problems and you feel cramped. However, the kitchen is the centre of a house. So, effective methods to erase the disadvantages of the small kitchen, it is worth considering. Small areas can become fresh and open with tactics that create several illusions. In fact, decorating small areas is more enjoyable and gives excellent results. There are two keys to this:

  • Use the space efficiently
  • Simplify style

These two keys allow you to get a functional and no-constricted kitchen. It is possible to create a stylish decoration while making your kitchen functional. You don’t have to give up the other while doing one. Here are space usage and style tips for small kitchens:

Save Space In Small Kitchens

It is necessary to strategically plan the storage areas in order to protect or increase the open spaces in your kitchen. The board, which can be stored in the first photo, gives you space when you need it. And at other times, you can push it into the cabinet to save space. You can also do this by converting your drawer. Thus, you create a collapsible/portable area. In addition, taking bin in a cabinet will increase open space.

Straw baskets are one of the things that make storage areas decorative. Storing all your kitchenware behind cabinet doors can create a cramped atmosphere. Open shelves and decorative baskets break the suffocating aura. You can add colour to your kitchen by using fabric baskets and boxes in your favourite colours.

The openness of some ingredients will make your kitchen feel wider. So, you can try to hang some of your kitchenware on the wall. This makes the top of the walls available for use. And it creates an open space, different from the dense appearance of cabinets. So your kitchenwares turns into an accessory. You can choose a hanger idea according to your style and create a decorative and functional space.

Tips To Make Small Kitchens Open

We can give a few small tips to make your kitchen more open. First of all, let’s talk about colours. The classic way is to make everything white, creating a fresh aura. But this may not be for you. This is true, essentially a decoration prone to light colours effectively reduces the feeling of cramped. But it does not mean to avoid all of these colours completely. Sometimes you can even choose dark colours. Here are a few tips to make things easier when creating a colour palette:

  • You can add depth to your kitchen by using the dark colour in a single area. In other words, it is possible to make the area larger with a dark colour. There is a good example of this in the first photo.
  • Make sure you get a palette that works well with each other and dark colours do not dominate.
  • Widespread use of neutral or light colours creates an illusion that makes the area appear larger. You can consider alternatives such as mint, baby blue, grey. But it doesn’t always have to be monochrome. Combining colours from the same families also give good results.
  • The floor tiles having regular patterns will make the area wider.

Avoiding maximal details in general decoration is good for small kitchens. If you like them, you can concentrate it on one area. Another important point is lighting. A well-lit area feels you much fresher. Therefore, do not take decoration steps that will block the sunlight coming from your window. If this is not enough, increase your light sources. This makes big differences.

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