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Cute Summer Nail Ideas

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As the weather gets warmer, we become more eager to use more vivid colours. Waves, colourful fruits and summer energy-nature is the best source of inspiration. This summer, cute summer nail ideas with the spirit of 2020 are everywhere. We have put together many nail art ideas that you will want to copy among them.

Create cute and simple designs with tender colour transitions, a warm colour palette, and symbols that define summer. And, let the summer energy embrace you. Are you looking for DIY nail ideas, or a screenshot to take to the nail salon? There are inspiring things here.

DIY Summer Nail Ideas

The summer months are open to change and different ideas. But the constant trend of each year is warm tones. Keep this idea and add 2020’s simple, fresh nail trends. The result: cute, cool and practical nail art ideas. You can do many of these at home. So, you don’t always need a nail artist professionalism.

If quarantine days gave you a nail art supplies kit, now is the right time to use it. Let’s start with the example in the first photo and proceed step by step:

  • Put 2-3 drops on your nails with the flat tip of a classic nail polish brush.
  • Get a neutral nude colour with a fine brush. And shade the bottom of the droplets.
  • Again take a thin brush green colour; you will draw the leaves. First, set a midpoint and make a very thin and small line. Then draw two thicker leaves on either side of the line. This is something you can usually do in two moves.

Was that too hard? So let’s move on to another. You don’t need anything other than the classic polish brush for this. In the second example, there is a different version of the fluid nail art trend. Create a colour palette that works well with each other but still bold colours. Then start as if you were making a thick French and slide the brush down as you approached the edge of the nail. Even if you make a mistake here, it will look good.

And now we add some more fun to nails. The colourful design in the final photo looks great. It’s incredibly easy to implement. Because you should make mistakes and be careless for this design. It’s not a joke. You can use almost all of pastel and soft colours. Take a medium-fine brush and apply the colours in random lines. That is all!

Eye-catching And Cute Nail Ideas

DIY nail ideas are not for you? Or you want to try something a little different. Well, we invite you to the side with beads, stickers and amazing designs. The first photo is one of the most remarkable examples of Korean nail art. It is satisfying to have a different colour and pattern on each nail, right? Polka dots, flowers, jewelled beads and gorgeous colours – everything we want is in one. In fact, you can do this yourself with a few supplies.

Creating a sea, beach theme for your nails is something we miss. If you’re looking for an eye-catching idea for acrylic nails, this is for you. It looks really cool to decorate your nails with gold starfish, pineapple and seashells.

And finally, there is the idea of ​​a masterstroke cute summer nail. It has a truly unique design and an energetic spirit of summer. Both geometric, floral and abstract patterns come together. Moreover, it has small gold beads and transparent details. There is no need to wait to try it, as this will take your nails to the upper level.

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