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Bold And Modern: Best Pixie Cut Hairstyles

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It’s hard not to be enchanted by Pixie cut. One of the most modern choices, this cut is great for those who love timeless and stylish looks. But if you haven’t tried short hair before, this may seem too risky. Because of common thinking: “Pixie hair is practical and easy, but there is no variety in hairstyles.” or “This is only good for a few lucky ones.” Actually, this is not so. Short hair lovers know that the length of the hair does not reduce the variety and there is a pixie cut suitable for almost any face type.

Let’s talk a little about hairstyling. This is really about your creativity. You don’t have to give up waves, braids and other things. There are even many ideas specific to short hair. In addition, this haircut is one of the most stylish looks and often looks great even if you never style your hairs. A way to love your natural hair.

Another issue is the shape of the face. This is the main point because a cut that works well with your face raises your overall look. Otherwise, you can be unhappy when you look in the mirror. The examples below have different face shapes and different pixie cuts. You can find the one best for you and get inspired. Let’s start.

Medium And Long Pixie Haircut

Medium and long pixie has the advantage that will make you happy. If you have these haircuts, you won’t have a problematic time period while your hair grows. Because over time it will turn into a nice bob cut. Also, there are many changes that will allow you to adapt your hair to your face shape.

In the first photo, there is a medium pixie with bang. It is one of the popular styles and works well with your natural hairstyle. Straight bang is great if you have a wide forehead or want to frame your face. Also, no matter how you shape it, you will do it quickly.

In the second photo, there is a classic long pixie haircut. In this example, you see the simplest version. If you don’t want your hair to look lifeless, this gives you extra volume. Wavy or curly versions give quite iconic results. And the good news is great for almost all face shapes.

In the third photo, there is a pixie cut with side bang. This is a pretty cool look. And the hairstyle here is inspiring. You can easily do it using a hair straightener and wax. It looks cool and effortless, creating a cool aura.

Short Pixie Hair Cut

The shortest hair and the most stylish look is the short pixie cut. This haircut is very short at the bottom of the head and grows upwards. Already this is the basic logic for all pixie hair. But they become very different from each other with little touches.

Short pixie with a blunt bang is one of the most dramatic styles we’ve seen in vintage photos. And you can style this bang as in the second photo, with a little wax touch. Or if you have a side bang, you can choose a sleek style as in the third photo.

If you like the side part hair, this is the clearest version in the first photo. A perfect and simple short pixie becomes, even more, daring with a straight line. This is a great look that you can create with your natural hair. And it has a dramatic effect.

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