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Best Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

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Acne prone skin often brings problems such as dark spots, scars, active acne and hyperpigmentation. The things we expect from a makeup look are shaped accordingly. Acne prone or textured skin makes it difficult to create a smooth makeup look. And actually one of the things that will make ourselves feel best until we cure this problem is a full coverage foundation. But there is a risk; cakey makeup.

Now we need a few tips for a non-cakey and colour-balanced skin makeup. There are also several illusion tactics that will keep the focus away from textured skin. We have gathered the most effective methods to help you in this process. First, let’s make your skin ready for makeup and talk about skin makeup. Next, let’s look at a few inspiring examples and illusion tactics.

Tips For Non-Cakey And Full Coverage Makeup

We can combine all the tips in one motto “fewer products, more effectivity”. Here are important reminders before starting non-cakey and full-coverage skin makeup:

First of all, we should remove the dead skin cells. Otherwise, you will get a much more textured makeup. But do not use scrub and peeling while doing this. It will be more advantageous to try gentle exfoliation products. Because at the same time, it is necessary to soothe the skin.

  • Use a gel moisturizer after washing your face. Or you can use a primer with a moisturizing feature. This is one of the most important steps to prevent cakey look.
  • Apply a not intense and non-comedogenic sunscreen. Finding the right product can be difficult, but it is necessary to prevent the problem of dark spots.
  • Take a look at the following steps when choosing and applying foundation and concealer:
  • Dense foundation and concealers cause cakey makeup more frequently. That’s why you will love a pigment-dense but non-dense foundation and concealer.
  • Glossy or wet finish products emphasize the textured structure of your skin. And if you have oily skin, your makeup won’t be permanent. Instead, you can choose matte products.
  • It is the best applicator buffing brush for skin makeup. Because it does not reduce the coverage of the product. And it gives well-blended results even when using dense products. But what is as important as the brush is your brush movements. Always push the product into the skin. Buffing brush works well with this method.
  • Do not apply this to your entire face when using a corrector. Because we want to escape from the cakey look. Instead, apply only to the necessary points and apply foundation on it.
  • Bonus: We like primers that hide pore. But if you use it every day, your pore problems will increase.

Makeup Ideas For Acne Prone Skin

If you prefer mostly matte products, your face will look smoother. What is indispensable for this is powders:

  • Powders; what we absolutely need for setting, mattifying and touch up. But it would be much better if you prefer a loose powder. So it does not become a layer on your face.
  • Powder products, such as bronzer, blush, etc. tend to form layers. The best way to prevent this is to use cream products.

When planning your makeup, when you use the right colours in the right place, the finish will be great. If you are struggling with acne, it may not be good to use too many colours on your face. Instead, light and well-blended contours are sufficient. Or a light blush. The best illusion is to change the focus. You can choose from colourful lipstick or highlighted eye makeup. So the gaze focuses somewhere else than your skin.

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