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Best DIY Wedding Favor Ideas For Guests

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Guests who do not leave you alone at your wedding deserve a favor. It will be very fun to prepare things that will make them remember you. In fact, this idea can tire you even when you are thinking – impractical options or not budget-friendly. Preparing for the wedding is as tiring as it is fun, we know that. So the best choice is budget-friendly, practical and useful DIY wedding favors.

DIY wedding favors add a touch to the wedding from you – that’s enough to make them special. So you warm the atmosphere. It is also a great way to thank your guests. We have collected wonderful wedding favor ideas that are meaningful to them. Here are great options for the lazy as well as for those who love DIY ideas:

Easy DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Here are the sweetest favors that will never tire you. If you are having a summer wedding, what could be sweeter than seasonal fruits? Perhaps the best favors are now growing in your garden. For this, you can make a beautiful package using paper bags or natural fabrics. Add sweet text on it and it’s ready. This is also a great option for rustic or backyard weddings.

The second option gives your guests pleasant times; dried corn. Popcorn times are everyone’s favorite. And, how you pack it is all about your creativity. You can think of small glass jars as in the image. Because these are things that find using area in every home. So you can guarantee that your guests have a memory from your wedding. For a more romantic decoration, you can decorate these jars with ribbons or tulle.

In the third photo, there is a meaningful, useful and sweet option; eat honey, live tastily. A small jar of honey makes both your guests and you happy. You can make a similar one with small Nutella jars. It is also a good idea to add personalized labels to the jars.

Cheap DIY Wedding Favors

Those who are open to DIY ideas are here! If you have tried at least 1 DIY idea before, you are experienced in this regard. We’ve put together three more complex but still practical ideas. Let’s talk about seashells first. A great idea that brings the sea breeze to every summer wedding. It is actually easy to do this:

  • Paint all seashells in matt white colour and let them dry.
  • Paint the topsides and the bottom in gold. You can use your nail polish for this.

It’s that simple and costless. Seashells, the freshest decorative object, find a place in every home. Your guests can also use them as a case to put their little jewellery.

The other idea is macrame keychains. Your guests will carry them every day. Macrome knitting is actually very easy and you can create countless patterns. You can learn this with a 5-minute tutorial video. However, if this is difficult for you, you can make a cute keychain with classic braid and a few beads.

The last option is the natural soaps- fragrant wedding favors. These are actually like cooking, and you can make great soaps by following the recipe. Moreover, you can create many options with the smell and colour you want. Key point: You need to prepare it a few weeks before the wedding and wait for it to become a mould. After, you can decorate it with personalized labels.

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