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Best DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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The eye-catching centrepieces are the perfect way to upgrade your wedding decoration in one move. You can even upgrade a monotone decoration with these ideas. You may have chosen a basic idea or colour palette for your reception, such as pastel colours, simple or boho decor. Centrepieces are the easiest way to create the colour palette you want. You know, if your dominant colour is white, colourful flowers will help you raise it; classic way. And DIY wedding centrepiece ideas add your touches to the decoration and promise unique personal designs.

We know how tiring wedding preparations are. That’s why we’ve put together the easiest, practical and eye-catching ideas for you. In this way, you can make your own bouquet arrangements and add simple but effective touches.

Let’s talk about a few basic examples. Here is the easiest way to add a flower bouquet to your table:

  • Use small sponges in your home.
  • Attach baby’s breathes to the pores of the sponge. Or you can add other flowers if you want. You can use bouquets of artificial flowers. For this, you will need to slightly enlarge the pores.
  • Finally, colour the baby’s breathes according to your taste with spray paint.

Don’t you like to paint or glue things? There are also ideas for you here. The simplest way; use beer bottles as vases. The things you will put in them will define your wedding. For example, if you prefer pampas grass, you will get a bohemian breeze.

If you liked these you will find the best DIY wedding centrepiece ideas below.

Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

As soon as you look at these three photos, you figured out how to do that, right? Here are three really simple but effective ideas. Candlestick bottles in the first photo are very impressive; just put thin candles in the bottles and let them flow. The romantic feeling of this natural flow is great.

Things you need to make the idea in the second photo; bottles, glue and straw rope. Decorate bottles and jars with them and create rustic vases. The flowers or plants you use will be added to the colour palette of your wedding.

In the third photo, there is the easiest centrepiece idea ever. If you like simple decorations, it’s best to copy it. Just put a bunch of flowers with your favourite colours in your tall glasses and that’s it.

Non Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Tired of flower arrangements? Well, let’s look at both easy and eye-catching non-floral wedding centrepieces. There is a great DIY idea in the first photo. For this, put thick candles in tall glasses. And decorate the glasses with pearls on wires. You will get a simple and chic result.

In the second photo there are different vintage bottles and wildflowers; a flower again? In fact, you can develop this idea without using flowers and you can get a lively design by adding more colourful bottles. In the last photo, there is also the idea of ​​stylish centrepieces made with small cactus and some sand, and this again makes those who love simple wedding decoration happy.

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