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Soban Stuttgart

Koreanisches Restaurant

Soban Stuttgart

Everything is just perfect delicious food šŸ˜‹ friendly atmosphere and a professional personal, the prices are pretty expensive but it’s worthy because the portions are big.
It’s near the downtown and you have tram stations at 2 minutes walking

Quite busy venue – for a good reason, though! The Soon Sal chicken certainly was one of the best we’ve had so far. Fresh Kimchi. Friendly and helpful staff, too.

(4.4) Surprising place in my humble opinion. The food was tasty and juicy (a bit oily but expected concerning the dishes ordered, fried chicken and noodle soup with a huge amount of Beef).
The portions are big so if you are not starving maybe one plate could serve two people.
The place is quiet and not so big. Ah and if you are going there thirsty for a beer they do not sell alcoholic drinks.

Not blaming the restaurant or the staff, because it is simply too popular and too crowded. But be prepared that it is very very small. But even it is full, people can still just run into the Kasse and order for take away anyway.

So my latest experience is that, even with reservations that can be seated but all the time people standing surroundedā€¦

Really suggest them to set a take-away window and separate it from the Kasseā€¦

Nice food but so pity there is no fried chicken when we arrived. Have to reserve the table in advance otherwise the stuff rejects you so harsh. The service is just so so, really slow and the waiters/waitress are not familiar with the menu.