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SOBAN Mannheim

Koreanisches Restaurant

SOBAN Mannheim

They food was great!
The spicy dishes were not too spicy for my taste. They also accept your request if you would like to have the dishes less spicy.
The location is very nice!
It was very crowded when we came on a Wednesday night, very glad we had a reservation!

Delicious and authentic in my opinion.
Best korean food in town

Very tasty food, not expensive while not cheap, either. The staff is friendly, but when it’s busy they seem very overwhelmed. All in all, we’ll definitely be coming back, especially when they start serving the chickens wings they are already serving in their other business in Heidelberg.

the food is still good, but the service is underwhelming. The waiters are always late, you don’t get appetizers when they are busy and sometimes they completely forget the dishes you ordered. Also if you order take away be aware of waiting time, since they forget to make your take out for the appointed time. I have the feeling that the staff is just not trained, after they moved their place.

I love going there with my friends (I’d like to call us “Stammkunden” – haha)! The food is excellent (authentic) and vegetarian friendly.
One of the male waiters seems to be in a rush all the time, which is fine, but sometimes it feels a bit too rushed…
But never mind that! They are still growing strong as a *new* big restaurant and have to find their managing style first.
Again we love going there (and will continue to do so) & are eager to see where the road will take them. 🙂