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Restaurant HODORI

Koreanisches Restaurant

Restaurant HODORI

Genuine and good food, casual environment.

Hodori does not look so fancy, but they do offer great food. Several options of barbecue meats and seafood, also good fried chicken. Starters are good as well, some offered even as a free complement to order.

Service is overall good, quite casual and waiting time for food is not too long. If warm outside it’s nice to sit in their small outside area. Some of the staff also good at English.

Nice starters (great kimchi), and you could ask more. Grilled pork, that comes on a gas stove so you need to finish cooking, was okay but not great. The music is super annoying and out of place. Slow service and they take cards only from 50€.

If you’ve had real Korean food in Asia, you might find this place underwhelming. The banchan was really limited – just 4 dishes, and weren’t actively refilled. Of the 4, only the kimchi was decent. They had a honey potato dish which had way too much syrup, and had turned hard and cold. Hurt my gum eating that.

Ordered a pot of tea; asked to top up with hot water but was denied.

Seafood pancake was bland and plain, lacking in ingredients. Mostly flour, with bits of leek and boiled seafood.

Kimchi jigae (soup) was also really disappointing. The stock was not the rich kimchi stock one would expect, it was more reminiscent of instant ramen powdered soup. One dimensional, and the bowl was tiny.

Grilled plate of pork/beef bulgogi was…decent, relative to the other dishes ordered. But tbh it was lacking in depth. This dish should normally be cooked in the kitchen, instead of simmering its way from raw on your table. It took a long time for it to cook, which also meant you didn’t get the sear and flavour and sauce reduction that would normally come from the kitchen’s high heat and quick cooking.

Overall, really disappointed. If you’ve never had Korean food, you might like it. Otherwise, I’d suggest to go somewhere else.

Delicious food! We had so-bul-go-gi! It was so good! Also friendly waiters ☺️

Good appetizers and good food!
Went there for lunch today. We order three dishes. Ketchup chicken, kimchi fried pork and pig legs.
Ketchup chicken is quite tasty, well balanced sauce with good deep fried skills. It reminded me of a Chinese dish : sweet sour chicken. The tastes are very similar. The ketchup sauce is well made, good balance between sweet and sour. Not too sour or sweet. The deep fried chicken was really good, matching the source pretty well. My Swedish husband would have loved it for sure.
My favorite is the kimchi fried with pork. The best I have ever had. The kimchi is not over salty and brings the flavor to the dish. The pork has a little bit fat and the spice from the kimchi gives freshness to take away the heavy taste of the fat. It is served with tofu. It’s the first time I have seen it yet surprisingly it’s a good match!
For the pig leg, it’s ok and well made. It’s is served in thin slices with shows good knife skills but the sauce doesn’t really match the pig leg.

The appetizers are good. I like kimchi, potatoes (fantastic) and soy sprout.

The portions are quite big so very good value of money.
I’d highly recommend ketchup chicken and the kimchi fried pork. Maybe next time we will try BBQ.