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Pine Cone Restaurant

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Pine Cone Restaurant

Home of the largest dinner roll and cinnamon roll ever made! Okay, that’s a lie BUT they are huge! We arrived at 10:30am on a Sunday and had to wait about ten minutes for a table. The staff is friendly and efficient, quickly turning over tables to get the next customer seated. Pro tip: order dessert from the case before you get sat at a table because once it’s sold out, it’s gone from your life forever.

Had a small wait around 11:15am last Sunday. There was a large line when we left. Quick and friendly service. Was surprised there weren’t more omelette options on the menu. I had the denver special which was a large portion (definitely leftovers). Not sure why chicken and waffles isnt on their menu when all the sub parts are there. Husband had to order 2 menu items and build it himself. Grabbed a blueberry muffin to-go which was ok. Will definitely go back if in the area.

So many truck stops nowadays are fast food only now, what a pleasant surprise ! Everything appears to be made from scratch and everything we ordered was very good. I think I should have just ordered the soup and a huge dinner roll though to save room for dessert from the bakery. Instead we got a cream puff and piggy cookie to go for later. All baked goods are HUGE and can’t beat the prices ! Service was great as well , bravo Pine Cone!

I ordered a chicken fried steak. It was very though. The gravy was decent. Mashed potatoes were yummy. My chicken dumpling soup was good. My friend order a patty melt and had to pay extra for onions…..what restaurant has a patty melt and no onions?? There wasn’t much cheese on the sandwich either. The service was decent.

Wonderful little diner with friendly staff and a splendid bakery.

I was passing through Johnson Creek and read the reviews for this place. I am normally not a huge fan of Diners. As it seems as though if you have been to one, then you have been too them all. However this diner was a bit of a standout. I ordered the special of the day which happened to be a turkey dinner.

The turkey itself was moist and juicy, which was probably helped by the fact that it was smothered in gravy. The mashed potatoes and gravy was, well simply mashed potatoes and gravy. Nothing overly special.

However the restaurant really shined when it came too the soup and sides. The turkey dinner came with the soup of the day, which was chicken and dumpling. The chicken and dumpling soup was very good and had a wonderful flavor accompanied by large, moist, wholesome dumplings. The only real downside was the lack of chicken. The soup definitely needed more chicken, however the flavor was excellent.

Another standout was the coleslaw. The coleslaw had a sweet flavor along with a unique sort of lemony bite. I enjoyed it quite well. On top of this the meal also came with a homemade dinner roll. The dinner roll was huge! About the size of a soft ball and not to mention that the dinner roll was fresh out the oven! It was warm, soft, and just melted in your mouth!

While waiting for my food, I went and ordered an appetizer of deep fried mushrooms. These too were awesome! The mushrooms were fresh and full of flavor!

I didn’t get a chance to try their bakery items, but they looked great! There was a large line of people just waiting too buy bakery items, so I am assuming they must be good.

One more plus to this restaurant is the fact that it is a truck stop. Therefore there is plenty of room to park and rest for a while if you happen to be on a long road trip.