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Koreanisches Restaurant


Ordered the Dduk-Ramyun, very very affordable price. They used instant ramen noodles, the boiled eggs could’ve been better, but the scrambled eggs were great in terms of texture, size and taste. The soup was mild as advertised in the menu. The vegetables that were used in the soup were fresh, cooked to perfection. The quantity was also very very good. Very good value for money.

I preferred Bibimbap and it was really healthy option for a dinner. If you are not able to eat hot and spicy, be careful about the sauce. Normally my order should be contain beef but I saw just a few pieces in it. Employees can speak english. Location is super close to the University main building.

Very good Korean food and amazing value for money! The service is quick and friendly. We ordered the menu B with 9 mandus, 3 pieces of sushi and stor fried noodles just for €8. I’d definitely come here again

A good place to eat Korean dumplings. They have quite a variety to choose from. There’s meat, vegetarian, and mixed. The staff speaks Korean so it adds to the authenticity of the restaurant. My wife and I ordered No. 8 and No. 17. We highly recommend eating here.

It was fine however you need to go inside and order your food, there are waiters but they only take the food to you once you order