Lindau-Insel | Standorten in Deutschland Lindau-Insel – Standorten in Deutschland




A lively and beautiful location at Lake of Constance. If you are visiting Bodensee, then Lindau is a must go place. Highly recommend. Best time to visit May to July.

Great building close to Lindau Insel. It has some shops: books, bakery, kebab,… Also free WC and lockers for baggages

Lindau is a beatiful City. You should consider visinting it some day, speccialy spring!

This picturesque island is an experience of luxury, lifestyle, beauty , taste and magic . Hour and a half from Zurich , hour and a half from Munich. Right in middle you will find this beautiful island . When u can find the original tower of Rapunzel … There is so much beauty and mystery. You can feel the untouchable history covered with the best lifestyles If you are looking for a different experience full of quality and style . Sitting in best coffees , restaurants, shopping , without the need of transportation, trains , cabs. Just walking threw magic, steering at one of the most beautiful lighthouse the holds stories from another lifetime, beautiful people and endless quality. You have find it. At July there is culinary feasts of meet & beers.
But to tell you the truth i have never felt more safe in my life . You sleep well . Something about this magical place wrap you with fitness and protection .

Novels , authors, creators , artists and people who are never compromising quality . Its a magical place for rejuvenation.

nice station