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Kims Restaurant

Koreanisches Restaurant

Kims Restaurant

We were craving for korean style fried chicken. We found this nearby after heavy searching. The chicken was good. The dumplings were very good. The dumplings as desert was very small compared to the picture shown in the menu. But it was still fine. The service was good. The lady was so humble and welcoming. May be i will visit again Until i get the best alternative for korean fried chicken ­čŹŚ

It was my second time to eat here. This time I’ve ordered something bigger: Korean style gyoza (they called it “Mandu”, as appetizer) and seafood hotpot as main course. IMHO, both dishes were good, but not exceptional. We received our drinks later after appetizer. The younger waitress was not as friendly as the older one. It’s good to have a try.

Pajeon was delicious and crispy, the Kimchi was not eat able it tasted like a mountain of salt, like they forgot to wash it off while making it. The main dishes were OK but nothing special.

A solid place for lunch, good bibimbap and topokki.

very bad taste! They are not original Koreans but CHINESE! They have no idea about korean food! It’s a scam! PLEASE BE AWARE!! We ordered Teokbokki, which was very bland no taste at all and the texture of the rice cake was very very very terrible! Even I can make it myself at my home which will be way better than their! Other than that we ordered bulgogi, but the beef was very terrible and too salty ! NOT AN AUTHENTIC KOREAN RESTAURANT! NEVER AGAIN!