HotPot Fu 富春园火锅 | Standorten in Deutschland HotPot Fu 富春园火锅 – Standorten in Deutschland

HotPot Fu 富春园火锅

Restaurant mit asiatischem Fondue (Feuertopf)

HotPot Fu 富春园火锅

The options are really good. Staff are nice and helpful. Prices are fair- it’s on an all you can eat basic. Will be Coming back soon.

My favorite place for Hotpot Buffet!
The thing that I like most is drinks are included in the price. Meat and others are good enough for me. I enjoy so much but only thing I don’t like is SOMETIMES not every time I was told to leave for some reasons like there will be many customers come or else after I ate more than 2nd round orders or after 1:30hr. but yet my favorite hotpot restaurant in NRW 🙂

20€ All you can eat and include drinks and beer!! Be aware that after 19:00, you may need to wait for a table.

Well… This will not be comparable with the ala cart but you can enjoy the variety of choices. Recommended soup is Yin-Yang but the Mala is not that strong and the refill soup is just plain one. I love their meat tho pretty thin and not too much fat.

Service can be slow sometimes but I think it is compromised.

We had a great time here. The food was delicious and the drinks are mostly included in the price. Everything looks clean and the food is fresh.

Mediocre interior, but extremely friendly and sympathetic staff, I never felt so good for giving tips. They gave my friend who didn’t eat with our group an ice cream for free and were so chilled with everything! And 21€ for all you can eat + drinks included in a hot pot dinner is just perfect