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Hamburg Hbf


Hamburg Hbf

Hamburg is a jewel of a city in the north of Germany. That’s why I moved there. It’s the second largest city in Germany (by population) with all the amenities that status provides: lots of options for enyoing culture, entertainment, etc. – but it also has many green recreational areas (in nature) close-by: the Alster, Planten un Blomen, the “old land”, etc. Gotta love it!

Very big and beautiful train station but you won’t get lost for a second because the signs are clear and visible at almost everywhere in the train station. So many shops and fast food place for a quick bite

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof is a fairly conventional German design, especially one in a large city. There’s several departure boards around the station and the platforms are all easy to find. The platforms are on a lower levels accessible by stairs and the shops are arrayed on an upper levels on either ends of the building. There’s no shortage of shops, restaurants and cafes. I even ate dinner and lunch here a few times.

This is a typical Hauptbahnhof of any German city. Connected with all public transport except ferry ⛴. Traveling to Hauptbahnhof – IMO Hauptbahnhof – nord is better station than Hauptbahnhof-sud.

Big train station where is a lot of people. A lot of shops for food and other product. Some very good streetfood is also here close to train. Area is still clean if you compare to traffic. Outside it is a problem because a lot of homeless are there.