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Gogi Matcha

Koreanisches Restaurant

Gogi Matcha

I have visited twice in 2019 and 2022 and I really love the budae jjigae dish because the taste is delicious. The spiciness is addicting and make me to eat more. Would be better if you eat with rice. I hope I can eat it again!😄

This was a very lovely restaurant, the food was tasty and very hot, 1st time dining Korean style, and with unlimited free refills, you won’t regret a visit. Limited staff on our visit, would mean a longer waiting time for service on a busy evening, luckily we went at a quiet time, very friendly helpful staff too.

We waited 1 hour for our food and the service was terrible to be honest. There was only 1 waitress and her attitude towards us was very unfriendly. When we asked how long until our food arrives, she said she has no idea. The food was great but the service needs to be better.

Amazing! Authentic, delicious and friendly service. 100% recommended

Loved the atmosphere and the food is great. I’ll definitely go there again 👌