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Apna Bazar Cash & Carry

Indian grocery store

Apna Bazar Cash & Carry

I am so thankful for this little piece of India in Jersey City NJ. When it comes to seeds, spices, an all kind of products from India this is the place to go. Please consider adding to your diet natural seeds , they are rich in natural oils, fiber, minerals and vitamins…

They have a decent variety of items. We could easily find frozen Halal and vegetarian products as well as other essential every day use things. I take off one star because it didn’t look like they have enough shopping carts (we couldn’t find one) and the small wheelie baskets are difficult to maneuver especially if you are tall.

Nice Indian grocery store with various fresh items at reasonable price. Its so popular that takes 15-20 minutes to check out in the evening time, so would recommend to avoid that time.

This market has a great selection of items and I will go again but the cashier was really rude to me. She has seen me in there many times and after I made a purchase I kindly asked her if she had change of a dollar. She said No and she was nasty about it. I guess being an American doesn’t help. That’s how I was made to feel.

They have the most gorgeous rice I ever ate, Shahzada long grain white basmati. 10 lbs. bags, only 11.99. More important than the price, is the taste of it. Try, you will love it.