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A Little Guide For Makeup To Look Natural

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Those who try it know that it is more difficult to do natural makeup than cakey makeup. Similar to look simple and look exaggerated. When talking about natural makeup, everything from product selection to application technique is included. But at the core of everything, we aim for a skin makeup that looks like your skin and a not exaggerated makeup style. And we’ve put together tips work best for that.

How To Make Natural Face Makeup?

In natural face makeup, we expect the products to make things easier. For this, we need to move away from matte finish foundations. Or we can make them a more natural glow. For example, mixing it with a cream, applying a primer with a glowy finish under it may be a solution.

However, a dense foundation and concealer will make your job difficult. Because they tend to look like a layer and close everything. You may not get the coverage you expect from a non-dense foundation. To erase this disadvantage, apply the concealer on the point you want to cover or just on dark spots. Then, apply a thin and natural-finish foundation to it. This gives both on-site coverage and naturalness.

Another important issue: primers. The most popular method for getting a natural finish is moisturizing or strobing primers. But if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your pores, use both together. So if your pores are dense in the T zone, here is the pore-filter primer and the rest for the moisturizing primer.

So how do we get the most out of all these tips? Of course, the most effective thing is the method of application. A correct applicator and way of application can even make some dense foundation natural. Here are a few tips:

  • What does your foundation or cap love? You will understand this by trying. Sometimes flat top brushes, sometimes beauty blender works.
  • Buffing brush \ flat top brush is best if we are talking about preventing a dense foundation from being cakey or preserving coverage. Because these are dense and flat. Thus, it pushes the product into your skin. Support with small push movements.
  • Avoid: Trying to blend large amounts of products together. Instead, take a small amount of product and, after blending it, increase if necessary.

Let’s talk a little bit about the contours. We all love it. But if the subject is natural makeup, it is best to stay away from sharp contours. Instead, you can just try a soft contour from under your cheeks to your lip edges, or another area.

Tips For Natural Eye Makeup

If a single highlight is required for eye makeup; blend well, keep natural. Also, there is no need to always turn to the eye shadows to colour the eyelid. You can raise your blush to the eyelids. This looks really fresh. Those who love nude looks more can do this using their bronzer.

The main thing for eyelashes and eyebrows is also to define. So, don’t try to create them from scratch. Just fill some gaps in your eyebrows, blend. It is enough to reveal the shape. A similar thing applies to lashes. We gladly fall into the trap of mascaras that promise extra volumes. But some things need to be changed.

After applying your favourite mascara, you can get rid the excess with a lash groomer brush. This gives a soft and natural finish. There is also a tip to ensure that no excess occurs. Do not use your mascara’s own brush. Instead, apply it with a lash groomer brush with bristles. You will get an unexpectedly natural finish.

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